Songs des Jahres 2017 – Die Charts der Künstlerinnen und Künstler


Foto: Steve Gullick

1. King Krule – „Dum Surfer“
vom Album The Ooz

„A British artist who continues to tread his own path, despite the pressure to commercialise his abundant talent. Inspirational fellow.“


2. Protomartyr – „My Children“
vom Album Relatives In Descent

„I just adore everything this band from Detroit produces and they seem to be growing from strength to strength with every album in my opinion. Joe Casey’s lyrics soak deep into my psyche, he’s one of my favourite lyricists.“


3. Eera – „Reflection Of Youth“
vom Album Reflection Of Youth

„She released a unbelievably beautiful debut this year and I had the pleasure of having her support me on my recent UK and Ireland tour. I see a big future for this lady from Norway.“


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