We took her concert at the upcoming Pop-Kultur Festival as an opportunity to ask the Isreali musician Noga Erez which songs she took as an inspiration for her own work. It turned out that they all have two things in common with her latest song „Bad Habits“: They are danceable and highly profound at the same time.

The music of Noga Erez is a moderate mix of escapism and awareness. Awareness of the political and social situation in one finds oneself today, especially in her own hometown Tel Aviv. So far she has expressed her feelings, her incomprehension and her anger rather subtly. But it seems as if she is now clearly giving free rein to this rage.

Apparently Noga Erez turned from passive to active aggression, at least in her new song „Bad Habits“. The video shows her as a rebellious underground fighter. She moves in a completely darkened shaft, all dressed in black. Her headlamp is the only light source, except for white flashes, which occasionally dazzle. If you want to take the warning „May Cause Seizures“ at the beginning of the video literally, you almost feel the danger of an epileptic seizure. But the meaning of these bright yellow letters becomes clear in another text line: „Got a habit of looking away but the warning shines neon.“ The time has come for action! With her words, her strongest weapon, she destroys her counterpart. She makes its life inane, meaningless – „and now you’re no one, fuck you.“

In spite of all this enragement it remains danceable electropop. And this is what also distinguishes the songs she selected for us: danceability and catchiness paired with depth and persuasiveness. Some of them have similarities to „Bad Habits“ in their furiousness, but some sound rather vulnerable and tender.


Jorja Smith
„I Am“

Jorja Smith is such an intelligent musician. She represents femininity in its softer sense. I love the way her music and her looks feel so much the same, something very straight forward, real, out there but in a very gentle, humble, soft manner. There’s real depth in her voice, but no drama. She is brilliant. This song of the album Black Panther touched me immediately. „When you know what you’ve got, sacrifices ain’t that hard.” So true. So, so true.


Kids See Ghosts
„Kids See Ghosts“

Kanye West’s blasting of albums coming right after the other, in groups of 7, with different artists are played on repeat in my headphones. Kanye’s controversial persona is always kinda confusing, I know. But, then you get so much music coming from the same guy, all with his signature sound, all so him, but in a way new. So it makes all the bullshit, bullshit. I still have to process all of this to feel that I understand this work, but I think that this song specifically has a hunting theme.


Kali Uchis
„After the Storm“

Another recent release that blew me away is Kali Uchis’s album Isolation. After collaborating with so many amazing artists, her debut album did not disappoint. Sounds like she did nothing to live up to the expectations, and by that, she totally lived up to them. Romantic, naive and sexy music, coming from an artist with a full artistic vision that is expressed in every aspect. Like Jorja Smith, her strength is honesty, true authenticity is the greatest power in today’s world.



James Blake
„Don’t Miss It“


I have been missing James Blake. He has been very active all this time, but since 2016 I have lost touch with him as a solo artist. Now he is back with this new single after collaborating with the world’s biggest pop stars, and it seems as if what he is trying to do is get as far away from that star hype. His work is as always sensitive, personal, full of pain and honesty. The melodies in this song are beautiful.
And of course, the production is crafted like no one else can. It is weird. But I remember feeling this about his work when Retrograde was released, right before I fell in love with it.



Sampa The Great
„Class Trip“


Discovered this girl a while back and she’s been a huge inspiration since. Super groovy and cool flow. She wears different characters in her music, and moves between them smoothly. Something childish and naive combined with an old, ancient spirit. Extremely skilled rapper and singer and the beats are really tasty.


Childish Gambino
„This is America“


No need to say anything about this as you all know it. But still I believe it’s worth mentioning because of the amazing work of art this video is and the conversation that this song and video requires that we all have with each other.


Noga Erez in concert
17.8. Pop-Kultur Festival – Kulturbrauerei Berlin

For all further information about the festival follow this link.