Sampling / Promotion

You are working as a (freelance) promoter and would like to hand in promotional copies of your customers music to the SPEX editorial staff? You yourself are running a record label and are of the opinion, that the editors might want to consider listening to either the debut single of your all hot newcomer or your elder statesman’s fourth album? You are a band member, solo musician, producer or DJ without an agency or label behind you? You are thinking that your demo, song or remix has got ›the right stuff‹? Then we would like to ask you for this:

    The editors receive a vast number of CD- and LP-albums, singles, MP3s, emails and phone calls every day – we therefore ask for your understanding not being able in feedbacking very quickly or in depth. ›Physical records‹ with some (contact) information can be send in to

     SPEX – Magazin fuer Popkultur
    Attn.: REVIEWS
    Koepenicker Str. 178
    10997 Berlin

    We furthermore accept digital inquiries via Soundcloud (?). The Upload is – even without previous registration – very quick, reliable and secure – plus, all uploaded files can only be accessed by the SPEX editorial staff. If you are of the opinion that the song in question should be made avaiable for the readers of via Stream or MP3-Download, we are asking you to note so within the contact field of our Soundcloud Dropbox. With uploading music files to Soundcloud you are assuring to being the copyright owner, or that you are acting with the agreement of your legal representation. The Upload of third party copyrighted material ist not permitted. Please don’t forget to attach further information as well as your contact details, we’ll take care of ›the rest‹.

Send us your music

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