Es rumorte seit Wochen um Jets To Brazil. Erst stand Sänger Blake Schwarzenbach nicht für Promo zum neuen Album "Perfect Loneliness" zur Verfügung, wie es hieß ‘aus Krankheitsgründen’, dann wackelte in der Öffentlichkeit schon die gesamte Existenz der Band und nun das:
In einem Statement erklärt uns Blake, dass der zweite Kopf der Band, Drummer Chris Daly die Band zugunsten seines eigenen Projektes verlassen wird. Der O-Ton: "This season finds the band in glorious disarray. I spent the Fall in the throes of a pretty sizeable depression – even by my high standards. I’d like to apologize to the friends and fans of the band for the media blackout and cancelled tour in October / November. Sometimes things must stop, despite the logic of the industry and even the best will of the people. I’ve been healing up in Canada for the past six weeks, enjoying the slightly saner perspective of the CBC, the comfort of family, and the restorative air of well-preserved forest. Now, for the news. It is with great sadness that I announce the departure of co-founder and drummer extraordinaire, Chris Daly, from the Jets. He has taken his formidable bag of tricks to another project and we wish him well over there and relish the memories of the good times, deep musics and cheerful hijinx of our collective past. This untimely departure leaves the Jet with a pretty sizeable hull breach."