Nine Videos For Our Times By … Shigeto

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For our new SPEX series artists give an insight into their personal playlists. Today: Shigeto – with nine „the real shit“ songs that served as an inspiration for the sounds of his new album The New Monday.

On occasion of Shigetos third album The New Monday Zach Saginaw shares nine songs: Some of them he discovered by accident, some others have longer been a source of inspiration to him. As part of our new online series artists will give an insight into their favourite tunes and videos.


Tadd Mullinix
„Exchanging Modes“

A favorite from Panes one of the first CDs I bought on Ghostly. Still blown away by the prolific and diverse output of Mullinix.


„I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits“

From 96′ and we still can’t kick that feeling when it hits. Makes me wanna bust out the roller skates.


John Coltrane

What I put on at home. Never ceases to put me in a far away place where nothing can hurt me. I feel safe with this song.



Real shit right here. Heard this track of Zs before we became friends and starting making music together. I was blown away by how pure he came across to me. So young with so much power and honesty. Z told me the ending was free style.


Bill Evans
„Gloria’s Step“

One of my favorite jazz songs to play. The 20 bar form made it different and fun as a drummer being able to trade 5’s etc. This whole record is incredible.


„New Love“

Todd Osborn and Tadd Mullinix’s super duo. Used to go see them DJ in Ann Arbor at their weekly for $3. Both Todd and Tadd have been there for me, inspiring, teaching and showing me the way since before I had a computer. Eternally grateful to these two.


Galcher Lustwerk

Could anyone be so monotone yet so smooth? Galcher always killing. Was definitely an inspiration for the vocals on „Detroit Part II“ not gonna front.


Justin Walter

The opening track on his latest record Unseen Forces on Kranky. I’ve known Justin since I was a freshman in high school. He’s always had a meditative and deep sense of how he expresses himself musically. Late nights or Sunday mornings with this record is a must.


Charles Trees
„Root Work“

Another old friend since childhood. We met in the 3rd grade and he’s pretty much responsible for introducing me to dance music / culture in general. While I was playing jazz gigs in high school Charle’s was throwing raves in Detroit. It’s amazing to still be working together.


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