For this SPEX series artists give an insight into their personal playlists. Today: Mirza Ramic of the duo Arms And Sleepers – with nine music videos that have stuck with him while the duo was in the studio for their new album Find The Right Place, out April 13th.

Arms And Sleepers’ new album Find The Right Place is out on April 13th. To celebrate this occasion, we asked the Trip-Hop-/ Ambient-duo to compile a list of music videos and songs that inspired them during their recent studio time. What came back from member Mirza Ramic is a surprisingly diverse journey passing Deftones, Hip-Hop and The Cranberries only to arrive at the hazy memory of The Goonies.

„Digital Bath“

I’ve always been a big Deftones fan. I never got super into heavier music but Deftones stood out to me for their melodies, lyrics, and the general mood which their music emanates. This song in particular has that magical aura which still impresses me even after thousands of listens. The reverb-rich snare, the ambient background soundscapes, sparse guitar chords, and Chino Moreno’s voice – it’s a shiver-inducing combination. This song always reminded me of how it really doesn’t matter what genre of music you operate in – if you got a good idea and know how to execute it, it’s gonna have an emotional impact on others. I think that very specific atmosphere and vibe that Deftones’ arrangements and sounds are able to create is what I really relate to and what we have always tried to accomplish through our own music.



Bohren & Der Club of Gore
„Constant Fear“

Continuing on the theme of atmosphere and vibe, this is on a very different side of the musical spectrum but again it’s the specific mood which caught my attention the first time I heard this song. There are many things I like about Bohren: their unapologetic don’t-give-a-fuck-how-slowly-we-play attitude, the dark and nostalgic Twin Peaks-esque sounds, that glorious sax which somehow manages to never sound cheesy, and their artwork which is totally not my thing but I love how much it is their thing. The mood though, in this song and in their music in general, is incredible – right away it puts me in a completely different mindset. Making something unique is fucking difficult, and I always admired how unique Bohren manages to be.



Dead Prez
„Hip Hop“

First of all, I love hip hop. This song though – jesus. I’ve always been amazed at how simple the arrangement is – really you just got a beat, bass, and rapping. The bass itself provides the catchiness in the tune, rather than another sample, which is quite hard to pull off. I find it absolutely incredible when a song manages to be simple and yet powerful. Dead Prez is known for being politically and socially conscious in their lyrics, and that’s very important to me. Here they deliver both a really catchy tune that you can go crazy to in a nightclub and some meaningful words to go along. This song sticks in your head and I love that.



Dawn of Midi

I remember first hearing this song on NPR (public radio in the US) a few years back and just saying to myself, wh-fucking-oa. Their album “Dysnomia” is executed to perfection, but this song stands out for me. Officially they’re a jazz trio and everything you hear is performed live, but I’m not sure what to call this music. Really great, I suppose. It’s repetitive in a way that you succumb to it, rhythmically unique and powerful, grade A musicianship, and pretty much its own thing in an age when it’s hard to stand out. This song really just pulls you in and refuses to let you go.