Nine Songs For Our Times By … Louis Cole

Foto: Richard Thompson

Louis Cole seems to be a prime example of the recipe for the success of Generation Y: Stalk the public through social media and via Youtube vlogs, wait patiently (five years in his case) and then jump right in with something that you’re really good at but still surprises everyone. Time, Cole’s recently released debut album, is such an astonishement and therefore reason enough to ask him to talk us through his current rotation of favorite songs.


Tony Williams Lifetime
„Something Special“

Coolest best drum solo vibe ever. With really pretty chords vamp. Tony Williams had no fear and was the realest around.


Boards of Canada
„Over The Horizon Radar“

So deep.


Miles Davis and Gil Evans
„Aos Pés Da Cruz“

My favorite Miles Davis solo. Gil Evans is my favorite horn arranger ever, with really grooving bossa too.


Napalm Death
„You Suffer“

It’s good.


Genevieve Artadi
„Nowhere To Go“

Genevieve is such a badass  no fear. She’s the real deal.


„Happy With So Little To Do“
(timecode 35:17)

This song reminds me of Malibu (where I spent most of my childhood) more than any other song.


James Brown
„Talkin Loud And Saying Nothing“

James Brown dude. This is also my favorite drum beat ever probably.



Thom Gill is very very Deep.



This song reminds me of living in Highland Park in LA.


If you are through with the comments and just want to listen to the songs in one go, you can find the whole playlist here compiled by Cole himself.



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