Eine der traditionsreichsten und stilprägendsten New Yorker Deep House-Institutionen, die legendäre "Body&Soul"-Reihe, feiert zwar dieser Tage ihren sechsten Geburtstag, und nimmt trotzdem vorläufig Abschied aus dem Nachtleben des Großen Apfels.
Die stets Sonntag nachmittags zwischen 5 und 11 pm stattfindende Party wurde von Koryphäen wie Francois K., Danny Krivit und Joe Clausell gehostet, und über die Jahre zu einer ästhetisch wie stilistisch überaus einflussreichen Pilgerstätte für die bedingungslosen Anhänger deeper, körperlicher, bisweilen spritueller Erfahrungwelten originärer House Music, wie sie so nur noch in New York so authentisch und liebevoll zelebriert wird.

Die Dankesrede und ein trotzdem optimistischer Ausblick in die Zukunft des Projekts von Danny Krivit liest sich in Auszügen wie folgt:

To our Body&SOUL members, family, friends and all of the music lovers who have attended our party for the last 6 years, we would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and everyone of you for your continued loving support and for having contributed to making our weekly gathering a truly special and magical event. For many of us it has become an integral part of life, a ritual we need in order to feel complete and rejuvenated. Dancing together for all these parties has brought so many of us to become part of a community that truly knows no boundaries, geographically, culturally or otherwise. During these six years we have always strived to provide those who attended with a safe and comfortable environment where they could let their guard down and truly feel one with the music we love. We have also been blessed with the opportunity to perform in New York`s Central Park or in Tokyo, Japan and share that Love of Music with thousands more that never even knew this kind of party could exist. At this time many factors are contributing to our having to re-evaluate ourcurrent situation at Club ARC during the Summer months, and we have decided to take a break for the next few weeks to help us better understand our options to keep bringing you the kind of party we feel we should be organizing. This upcoming party on Sunday July 21st will be going on as a "Classics Party" as previously announced; we do not expect Joe Claussell to be able to make it, so it will be Danny Krivit and François K bringing you the musical vibes and Ariel on lights. We hope to bring you some more updates on this as things develop, and ask you to keep logging on to our web site`s community board.