For our new SPEX series artists give an insight into their personal playlists. Today: Lunice – with five inspirational songs that shaped his new album CCCLX.

Last week Canadian artist Lunice dropped CCCLX. Given the ecclectic nature of his debut album it comes as no surprise that various moods and genres have laid the musical groundwork that the Torontonian now builds upon. This playlist goes a long way: From introductional rap and distopian electronica to scandinavian Death Metal and the seemingly mandatory funeral score.


J Dilla
„The Introduction“

From the spectrum of sound to the flow of his voice. Everything about this song has inspired me to take introductions to a whole new level.


Henry Purcell, Wendy Carlos
„Music For The Funeral Of Queen Mary“ (A Clockwork Orange soundtrack)

This theme has stuck with me ever since I heard it in film school. „CCCLX – III (Costume)“ is my homage to that whole sound.



The first time I came across Sophie was at this underground PC Music party in London. He opened up a whole new world of sound and design that I still find myself exploring to this day.



The changes and complexity of how each instrumentalist interacts with each other on the song has inspired the way I arrange music.


Miles Davis
„Autumn Leaves“

This is the first Jazz tune that got me into the whole genre. My best friend, Kevin Ly, showed it to me in High School and the way Miles is able to express such high levels of coolness is beyond me but it has become my mission to understand the process of what makes things cool.


CCCLX by Lunice was released on September 8th via Lucky Me.