Fevre Mix (Englisch/Archiv)

Spex and LoRecordings present the FevRemix competition

FevRemix DESpex, LoRecordings and Bernard Fevre call for remixes!

Bernard Fevre / Black Devil Disco Club released the legendary album »The Strange World of Bernard Fevre« in 1975. Originally released on Warner France, this pioneering work of electronica is equally reminiscent of soundtracks by John Carpenter and the seventies concept albums by Kraftwerk. Fevre's sometimes gloomy, sometimes funky music is quite clearly the blueprint for Air and Daft Punk.

    Bernard Fevre is now making the original tracks of his classic »Dali« available – exclusively on www.Spex.de. In doing so, Fevre is pursuing the notion of the democratization of music, as has been discussed for two years in the Spex series »Digitale Evolution«. Spex and Bernard Fevre are planning – depending upon an appropriate response by Spex.de readers – the release of the best remixes.

     Anyone who would like to see their remix released should send their work to Spex by December 31st, 2009 via Soundcloud.com, including permission for the remix to be released. In compensation, Bernard Fevre offers each remixer a 50% royalty in form of a co-writer's credit, which means that relevant royalties/income for each remix will be split between Fevre and the remixer.

     The potential remixer accepts these conditions upon the download of the audio files. The tracks to be released will be selected by Bernard Fevre and the Spex editorial staff. Please send in finished remixes via the Soundcloud Dropbox only:

Send us your Remix

In order to download the single tracks of »Dali«, you’ll need to fill in your name and e-mail into the form below – you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to the ZIPped containing the tracks, cover artworks and information on the competition. By joining the competition you subscribe to the monthly LoRecordings newsletter.

UPDATE: The competition closed on december 31st 2009. Thanks for all your submissions, we’re listening to them right now and will be in touch with you in a bit!