Talking Heads
„Born Under Punches“

Another live video that I revisit pretty regularly. Love watching Adrian Belew in this one.


„Here I Am“

Just a jam, no comment really.


„Choir Boy“

Been pretty obsessed with this song recently. Listened to it quite a bit while I was driving cross country this summer.


Wait! You may have finished reading, checking out the music and jamming to Tatums picks, but you haven’t finished the whole article yet! Why? Unforeseen circumstances have made it possible for us to have a look at what keeps indie-rock-aficionado Jack Tatum going. Is it calculated perfectionism or destructive expressionism? Probably both.

Bill Nelson
Riverside Interview

Been pretty fascinated with Bill Nelson over the past few years. One of those people who have so much music to sort through so you never get bored. This clip has some great footage of Bill working in his studio.


Billy Joel

„Let me do my show!“