We asked Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum to share some of his current favourite songs with us. No surprise that the outcome sounds like someone wanted to compile some of Progressive Rock’s and New Wave’s best moments.

Either way, Tatum send us eight of these songs featuring many live performances and comical surprises. Watch out for Peter Gabriel on a bike, recommendations by a stranger turning into unlikely treasures and a very special ending. Who doesn’t love smashed pianos and eccentric producers?


Jo Lemaire + Flouze
„Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M’en Vais“

I came across this recently and have been revisiting it a lot over the past month. Very icy, I love it.


Dwight Twiley
„Looking For The Magic“

Big fan of Dwight and specifically this song. Keep an eye out for Tom Petty.


Peter Gabriel
„Solsbury Hill“

This video is so funny to me for some reason. I actually really love Peter Gabriel but seeing him bike around during this show made me laugh out loud.


The Blue Nile
„Tinseltown In The Rain“

Great tune, great performance.


„He’s Got Magic“

Had a very old fashioned experience of hearing this record in a record shop and buying it off the person on the spot. Great buy.