Der dritte Tag des Unerhört! Musikfilmfestivals in Hamburg steht unter anderem im Zeichen des Fans: In ihrem Film »The Posters Came From The Wall« beschäftigen sich der Künstler und Turner-Preisträger Jeremy Deller sowie die Filmemacherin Nicky Abrahams mit einem elementaren Teil der Popmusik, den Fans einer Band. Für »The Posters …« reisten Abrahams und Deller um die halbe Welt, interviewten Anhänger von Depeche Mode und befragten sie nach den Motiven ihrer leidenschaftlichen Verehrung für die nach Dellers Aussage in England immer noch nicht ernst genommene Band.

What is your movie »The Poster Came From The Walls« about?
    Nicky Abrahams: It’s about how interesting and inventive people are and it’s also about things like music that do change the world. Also I just wanted to make a film which showed fans in a positive light, rather than looking down on them as mindless consumers who will buy an endless stream of a product by a band.
    Jeremy Deller: It’s a film about Depeche-Mode-fans around the world and the influence of the band worldwide.

What do you find fascinating about ›fans‹?
    NA: We are – hopefully – all fans. The band would be nothing without the devotees, but all the media coverage is always about the bands. These people, ›the fans‹ are pretty creative in their own rights, making t-shirts, banners, music etc.
    JD: I agree.

Are you two fans of a band, a football club or something like that?
    NA: There was a band called Earl Brutus who we were both fans of. I was a massive Bowie fan as a teenager. I’ve never been a follower of any sport, never been to a football match.
    JD: Football is overrated, as is most sport. I like steel bands.

Why Depeche Mode?
    NA: Totally underrated band in the UK. Really, you’d be surprised that they are not taken seriously over here. And we are both fans of the band.
    JD: It was a commission from their record company. They liked our idea.

The movie was financed by Mute, Depeche Mode’s record label. What was their intention in financing it?
    NA: To celebrate Depeche Mode and make some more cash I imagine. Although I think Daniel Miller, founder and head of Mute, really understood that Depeche Mode could be looked at in new and interesting ways. I think he was quite surprised and excited when we showed him some of the footage from Russia, for instance. It must be great to think you know a subject inside out and then have somebody come along and show them in a new light. And in many ways, Daniel Miller is the guy who really really believed in a vision of Depeche Mode from the very beginning.


»The Posters Came From The Walls«, Regie: Jeremy Deller und Nicky Abrahams, UK 2007, 72 Min.

Unerhört! präsentiert Jeremy Dellers und Nicky Abrahams »The Posters Came From The Wall«:
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