Mittwoch, Juli 15, 2020

Telling The World: “We Are Here!”

ESSAY – Turkish Rap has become very popular in recent years and is reaching mainstream audiences. Meanwhile Kurdish rap still remains underground. Guess why.

Saxophones, Spy Movies and Twitch Streams

INTERVIEW – Galcher Lustwerk's music blends house with stream-of-consciousness rap with effortless propulsion. His secret? Staying in bed.

„Without energy and labour, no streaming can happen“

INTERVIEW – Is streaming the sustainable alternative for physical media? Kyle Devine says no, and he should know. An interview with the author of Decomposed: The Political Ecology Of Music.

The Risk We Take When We Possibilize Love

REVIEW – Each beat, breath, word and phrase on FKA twigs’ sophomore record Magdalene navigates the underworld of post-collapse. Its vulnerability carries an earthquake of power.

New Irish Literature, Part Two: Capitalism, Class and the Coming Generation

LONG READ – In post-crash Ireland, capitalism's grip on the society hardened and the focus of the New Irish Literature shifted. New networks of solidarity emerged.

New Irish Literature, Part One: „Iran With Lipstick“

LONG READ – Irish Literature has quickly become a globally celebrated phenomenon. It is loud, it is different, it is direct – and with voices like Sally Rooney, Anna Burns and Sinéad Gleeson it is almost exclusively female. How could this happen on the traditionally arch-conservative island?

„This is the deepest form of violence in the world“

INTERVIEW – Behrouz Boochani has written his latest book through text messages from a detention camp in the south pacific – and was awarded Australia’s richest literary accolade for it. In an interview over phone he condemns the country's immigration policy. And talks about the power of writing.