Print issue SPEX No. 375 focuses upon anger and resistance in pop culture. For this reason SPEX invited artists from all over the globe to answer the question: Is Anger An Energy? Read the full-length interviews online only. Today: Ho99o9 from USA.

What does anger mean to you? And how important is resistance for you?
theOGM: Anger is the blue flame. Resistance is important more than ever, especially when you’ve been forced 90% of your life.

Yeti Bones: Anger is the bottomless pit of your soul, its the last stop on the train. Resistance is another stepping stone.

How and against what are you protesting?
theOGM: I’m not protesting, never protested. Peace to those who do & keep it alive.

Taking a look at the current state of the world, does your urge to take a stand, to speak out, to act get stronger?
theOGM: Nah, I was taught to kick people down, right America? … of course it makes me wanna say something, if someone took a shit on a plate, put whip cream on it, strawberries next to it, served w/a glass of orange juice with flies around it? Would u eat it? make your own meal, or speak out lol?

„change starts within self, you have to take action 1st, the people around you & it spreads.”
(the OMG)

Is there room for more than symbolic protest within the realm pop culture? How can pop culture bring about change, even beyond the already converted?
theOGM: Change starts within self, you have to take action 1st, the people around you & it spreads, idk why people lookin to pop culture for world change lol, but what ever works, long as everyone is woke.

Yeti Bones: If it was the last thing on earth that will bring change is definitely would not be „pop“ culture. Only thing that pop culture has brung change to is Micheal Jackson, and he’s dead now, what’s the question again?

What is the most urgent cause of your art?
theOGM: Be bold & stay healthy.
Yeti Bones: Take no prisoners, take no shit