Print issue SPEX No. 375 focuses upon anger and resistance in pop culture. For this reason SPEX invited artists from all over the globe to answer the question: Is Anger An Energy? Read the full-length interviews online only. Today: Vladislav Parshin (Motorama) from Russia.

What does anger mean to you? And how important is resistance for you?
Anger is a part of our life, without anger there is no kindness, it’s a never ending struggle for justice. We are trying as much as we can to live our lives in love and kindness.

How and against what are you protesting?
We sing about birth, love, sorrow, dreams and death. I’d say that we are against boring materialism.

„we can’t speak about a global pop culture. The protests in each culture are different from each other.“

Taking a look at the current state of the world, does your urge to take a stand, to speak out, to act get stronger?
We don’t have this urge.

Is there room for more than symbolic protest within the realm pop culture? How can pop culture bring about change, even beyond the already converted?
We should determine about what culture we are speaking, because, to my mind, they are different and we can’t speak about a global pop culture. The protests in each culture are different from each other. In a multipolar world there can’t be universal problems. I think we should discuss cultural problems through the prism of traditions, foreign influences and relations with other countries, so we can speak about the changes, past, present and the future of, for example, culture in Russia.

What is the most urgent cause of your art?
As always, songwriting and searching for contra punctum.

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